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Your Estate Clients Will Thank You

We understand how difficult it can be for a client or heir faced with the prospect of having to part with their own or a loved one’s’ valuable items and the emotional connections to those items. We pride ourselves on turning what can often be a traumatic experience into a seamless, professional one leaving the client with the correct impression that they have been treated fairly and that the best has been made of an otherwise unfortunate situation.


Should the client choose to liquidate their jewelry and related valuables, we are willing and able to offer a fair purchase price generally at or above the established liquidation value. Payment can be made within one business day (sometimes hours) from the time of mutual agreement of purchase price. Payments may be made by client’s preference of bank check or wire transfer.

Defense / Divorce Attorneys

Is your client having difficulty raising the necessary funds to pay his/her legal expenses? We can turn their precious assets into cash by determining a practical cash liquidation value and purchasing their precious items outright.

Estate Planners: Valuing Jewelry and Precious Metals

Resolve or prevent potential disputes among siblings by obtaining accurate values of diamonds, fine jewelry items, precious metals or colored stones, and watches. At the clients’ discretion, we can determine appraised values based either on full retail replacement, wholesale, or practical immediate liquidation value. Asset appraisals based on honest liquidation values may help you best serve your clients by minimizing their potential tax liabilities. Armed with this information, your client is in the position to make an informed decision to liquidate and/or fairly distribute either the items themselves or the revenue derived there from.


Choose and Recommend the Estate Jewelry Services of With Confidence


The Shaftel Family, owners of and its parent company, Shaftel Diamond Co. have been in the diamond and jewelry buying, selling, and appraising business for over thirty years. During that time, we have established one of the strongest and most highly respected reputations in the trade and have recently been awarded the Better Business Bureau’s “Award of Excellence, Winner of Distinction” for 2010. We are members in good standing of the prestigious New York Diamond Dealers Club, The American Gem Trade Association, as well as the BBB. In addition to our three GIA trained Gemologists and Diamond Professionals on staff, our numismatic expert is a member of the prestigious Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG) as well as several other Numismatic Associations.


We are not only fully insured through a comprehensive Jewelers Block Policy, but are also the only major jewelry buying concern to actually be bonded against the loss or misappropriation of customers’ items, either through negligence or misconduct of any Company employee (underwriter information available upon request.)

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